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At Accelerate Youth Running Club we love adventure! 

All our sessions have an ‘adventure fit’ focus taking place in all weathers and on all terrains.


Our sessions are fantastic for young athletes looking to increase their fitness, endurance and speed as well as enhance other sports they take part in. 

They will  reap the benefits of being members of an exclusively 'youth' running club, making friends, keeping active and outdoors and gaining confidence.

Whether you're a beginner or an advanced runner, we offer you  challenging sessions to suit your skill level

with ability groups ranging from 'Rookie' to 'Advanced' runners.

Accelerate Youth Running Club is committed to bringing youth running into our local communities with inclusivity being a priority. 

It is our aim to teach young people how to build strength, character and spirit through 'Adventure Fit' training sessions. 

Whether they're beginners or advanced runners, Accelerate Youth Running Club can help them advance their skill and fitness as well as having a visibly positive impact on their mental health, helping them to shape a stronger, better and happier self. 

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Strength & Conditioning:

Day & Time:  Monday 5pm - 5.45pm

Venue: Wollescote Park, main car park

Ideal for secure and advanced youth athletes

Interval Training:

Day & Time:  Thursday 5pm-6.15pm*

Venue: Wollescote Park, main car park.

An interval training session ideal for all levels of fitness. (8-18yrs) 

Cross Country:

Day & Time:  Saturday 11am-12.15*

Venue:  Wollescote Community Centre

A relaxed cross country run for our members to gain strength and confidence across all terrains and in all weathers. (8-18 yrs).

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He LOVED it. His first comment was 'we are doing some cross country running on Saturday'. No sooner than he finished the session He wants to do the next one!!! Thank you so much for the wonderful work you are doing with the kids, it's so amazing to find an inclusive uncompetitive running group! You guys are brilliant

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My boys both love attending Accelerate Running Club. An all inclusive running group for all abilities which encourages the children to reach their own personal goals. Run by a fantastic team who keep it varied and keep motivations high. Thank you

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My sons body shape has changed so much, he is leaner, stronger and his stamina has improved greatly. As a parent I am happy to leave my son in their capable hands. Thank you to all the stewards and the volunteers who have put in so much work into making Accerlate Running Club a tremendous  success.



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